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In sequence to this Human Rights Communication is a 1 page schematic of the final flight signature of MH 370 that is a fusion synthesis of the documented civilian and military radar evidence with the eye witness testimony with scientific oceanic drift data with scientific remote satellite technology.

The bold black line begins at the letter A that ends at the letter F that represents the final flight path of MH 370 over a span of approximately 7500 kilometers distance.

The bold red line represents the oceanic flow of the ninety-east ridge.

The bold green line represents the oceanic flow of the java trench.

The three black arrows represent the oceanic drift /glide of MH 370

The yellow arrow represents the route to Diego Garcia as letter E

The letter G represents the site of ASOVE interest as being MH 370

The following alphabetic sequence is calculated in a cumulative flight time line via Malaysian Time Zone.

A – MH 370 departs from Kuala Lumpur at 00:35 March 8th 2015 tracked by secondary radar signatures.

B – MH 370 vanishes from secondary radar at 01:21 yet detected on primary radar signatures engaging in an unauthorized flight path returning towards the restricted airspace of FPDA Base Butterworth.

C – MH 370 vanishes from primary radar at 02:22 after passing directly over FPDA Base Butterworth.

D – MH 370 is witnessed at 09:15 by Abdu Rasheed Iberahim, Zuhuriyaa Ali, Humaam Dhonmamk, Ahmed Shiyaam and Ahmed Iberahim all of whom observed MH 370 flying from the north to the south at a very low altitude over the Maldives Atolls heading directly towards the island of Diego Garcia. ASOVE estimates MH 370 changed course at 09:30 to reverse initial flight path towards Maldive Islands.

E – Diego Garcia is a military base operated by the US DOD for the US Navy, US Air Force and the AFSPC

F – MH 370 is witnessed half submerged at 14:30 by Latife Dalelah while flying from Mecca to Malaysia.

G – Site of scientific discovery of identical size proportion and primary material substances of aluminum, titanium, copper, engine alloys, hydrocarbons and steel alloys as that of MH 370 located in a depth of 1100 meters as first appearing on remote satellite imaging technology 52 hours after 14:30 March 8th.

SYNOPSIS – For unknown reasons and or motives MH 370 departed a flight plan from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing China and engaged in a premeditated flight pattern to fabricate the perception into the world’s population that MH 370 was headed towards and or disappeared inside US Airspace at Diego Garcia of which subsequent compound scientific discoveries and credible eye witness observation nullify said premeditated international provocation yet do not negate the liability that the disappearance of the passengers and crew of MH 370 meets the legal threshold as a Crime Against Humanity as per UN Laws.

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