INTERPOL Communication News Release


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ASOVE is a Human Rights Investigation NGO that has been examining the matter of MH 370

The ASOVE Team has submitted a variety of synthesized layers of material evidence to INTERPOL in conjunction with related questions to the Australian Government that is available for public examination at

The ASOVE Team concurrently activated a clock at the website that retroactively measures the time from when the Australian Government made a documented artificial statement about MH 370

We would like to thank the publishers of The Daily Express and The Huffington Post for putting this most difficult topic forward to the public in such a professional and accurate manner with balance of decision as always to the reader.

We would also like to thank all the support and understanding for the decision to cancel the crowd sourcing venture and refund all the donations.

As for the level of cyber stalking and online slanderous attacks by @LGHamiltonUSA against news reporters, scientists and investigators all working towards finding the truth behind MH 370 the only wisdom we can offer you is this,

" The rage within ones heart is but only ever matched with the peace one finds when the rage finally finds truth "

Please note that the crowd souce video is going to remain posted if only to serve as a reminder that the likes akin of who ever really hide behind masks like @LGHamiltonUSA will never have the ability to intimitade the human quest to seek truth.

The ASOVE Team does not expect nor require any responce and or action to be taken by INTERPOL

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