MH 370


Since Official Australian Government Refusal to search Russian Satellite Bay of Bengal Evidence


International Criminal
Police Organization
200 Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon

July 14, 2016

Dear President Ballestrazzi,

RE - Criminal Information et al MH370

Pursuant to the submission by the undersigned of May 24/15 is a copy of the final action taken in regard to the matter of MH370

Please note that as identified by the undersigned MH370 has not thus far been found in the SIO.

Please note that following extensive international news media coverage of the volunteer investigation of MH370 by the undersigned from reporters such as Samantha Payne of The International Business Times,  Robyn Ironside of Australia News, Jane Wardell of Reuters and Helen Barnett of The Daily Express, the undersigned was contacted by an informant who provided to the undersigned extensive and comprehensive details of the matter of MH370

Please note that following extensive analysis of the informants claims as crossed referenced with extensive physical evidence that surfaced months "after" said informants claims were disclosed to the undersigned, the following action was prepared and distributed.

Please note that the informant claimed that two UAV's were used and simultaneously remotely destroyed by the unknown criminal organization behind the hijacking of MH370

Please note the informant claimed one UAV was used as a pace drone to ensure the hijack pilots of MH370 flew slow enough to have the fuel to fly over The Maldive Atolls at sunrise to be witnessed from the ground in order to create the illusion that MH370 was observed heading to US Military Base Diego Garcia.

Please note the informant claimed a second UAV was used as a diversion drone to broadcast simulation  signals to the Inmarsat Network to mislead and or further confuse the international community that MH370 flew towards the SIO

Please note that subsequent to the informants claims the following corroborative physical and scientific evidence has surfaced;

1) Two almost simultaneous low impact shock waves were detected from the University of Curtin Oceanic Detection Sensor Network at a space and time that forensically fuses with the claims of the informant that both UAV's were destroyed simultaneously immediately after MH370 was witnessed flying past the Maldive Atolls "and" shortly after the last artificial MH370 hand shake ping was received by Inmarsat from the SIO

2) Irrefutable hard evidence that wreckage from an unaccounted UAV washed ashore in The Maldive Atolls.

3) Irrefutable hard evidence that wreckage from an unaccounted UAV washed ashore in Australia.

4) Irrefutable hard evidence that multiple items of external wreckage from MH370 all matching the forensic science of metallurgical stresses associated with a soft ditch landing have washed ashore.

5) Irrefutable hard evidence that all of said external wreckage items from MH370 originated from an area that is NOT from the SIO as scientifically calculated by the worlds leading oceanic company called GEOMAR who identified the crash site of AF447 that was located after two days of searching the site identified by GEOMAR.

6) Irrefutable hard evidence that GEOMAR deemed the soft ditch site of MH370 identified by the undersigned as having a 95% probability of accuracy.

7) Irrefutable hard evidence that The Governments of Malaysia and Australia each have possession of UAV debris and are NOT providing any details as to the origins of said UAV debris and or the results of any forensic examination of said debris for the existence of possible internal force actuated explosive residuals and or of the type of oceanic growths that developed upon each UAV debris item.

As such, it is without merit to dismiss the claims of the aforementioned informant as made to the undersigned.

As such, it is now glaringly obvious to the undersigned that without the direct intervention of INTERPOL to the investigation of MH370 this entire matter will soon be forgotten from the public eye after the search in the SIO is terminated in the very near future.

Thank you kindly,

Andre Milne
The ASOVE Team

c.c. Inmarsat


July 1, 2016

Dear Honorable Foreign Ministers ;

People's Republic of China
Wang Yi

And to -

Republic of Malaysia

Dato Sri Anifah Hj. Aman

And to -

Republic of Australia
Julie Bishop

And to -

Peoples Republic of Russia
President Putin

And to -

Peoples Republic of Russia
Prime Minister Medvedev

The undersigned is a volunteer investigator with a human rights NGO called ASOVE.

ASOVE received a full disclosure from an informant who claimed to have intercepted evidence in regard to the hijacking of MH370

The informant claimed;
- the country where the hijackers conducted the hijack from,
- the actions taken upon the passengers of MH370,
- the motive for the hijack,
- details of UAV's that were used during the hijack of MH370

Please find attached an image of UAV debris recovered from Australian soil that was claimed by the informant as being the signals drone that was directed to fly towards the South Indian Ocean and then detonated after simulating the emissions of the hand shake pings from MH370 as received by Inmarsat.

As such, the current search of the South Indian Ocean has been an honest error based on a premeditated effort to deceive all MH370 search efforts.

The undersigned is formally requesting your respective authorities to search a specific and precise location in the Bay of Bengal as provided to the undersigned by way of third party request based on advanced remote ELINT Satellite Technology as released informally by the Russian Military.

Please note that a structure matching the ELINT data as released by The Russian Military does in fact now exist in The Bay of Bengal based on an informal sonar scan the undersigned requested of the site in May of 2014.

Thank you kindly,

Andre Milne
Unicorn Aerospace
Military Technology Development

Director of Investigations

c.c. FBI Director Comey
USA Nat Sec Advisor Rice

UAV Debris
UAV debris


600 E Street Northwest
Washington DC

May 24, 2015

Attention - Office of General Counsel


This communication to INTERPOL contains material that generates irreversible damage to the credibility of the Australian Government and an entity called Inmarsat in regard to the alleged search for MH 370

Please find attached seven (7) questions posed to The Government of Australia by the ASOVE Global Human Rights Team.

The questions work in conjunction with six (6) attached references labeled ATSB Impact Theory that will clearly demonstrate how specific officials with the Government of Australia have now attempted a fabricated effort to corrupt the factual truth about MH 370 by making elaborate claims that require extensive corroborative evidence to validate.

It is doubtful The Government of Australia will be able to answer the questions truthfully without creating additional levels of exposure that will further weaken their public credibility relative to the search of MH 370.

Please note that aside from helping the ASOVE Team, I had occassion this winter to complete a seperate volunteer investigation that brought me into contact with various levels of US national security and law enforcement officials in regard to a recovery of various military and anti-terrorist technologies that were being subjected to a highly organized theft from the US Government.

As the anti-terrorist technologies are of a grade that can detect IED explosives remotely, it may be of benefit to INTERPOL to reach out to FBI Director Comey who is in a better position to disclose to your authority the status of the advanced security technologies that were recovered.

Please also note that I had recent occassion to comfirm that a previous volunteer investigative activity with the Toronto Police Service yielded relative chatter material by way of persons of interest in a complex murder andmissing persons case.

As the driving force behind what was the ground breaking usage of social media as an investigative tool in the murder/missing persons case is now the social media advisor to Crime Stoppers International, it may be of benefit to INTERPOL to reach out to Contsable Scott Mills who is in a better position to discuss to your authority methods to enhance the INTERPOL social media structure.

With respect to the investigation of MH 370 there is but little doubt that without a full and comprehensive explanation to all of the questions that have yet to be answered, and with the now almost desperate claims by The Government of Australia that MH 370 disintegrated upon high speed impact into the SIO inspite of never producing one single piece of corroborative physical evidence, there is no doubt in my mind that MH 370 did a soft ditch landing and then slowly sank while drift gliding to an unknown site whereby using the most basic standards of probability is likely still fully intact precisely where Russian satellite technology identified a corroborative aerospace structure physically present at the depth of 1000 meters in The Bay of Bengal two days after MH 370 vanished with all passengers and crew.

Please also note that beyond the measureable possibility that MH 370 appears to have been used in part by person (s) unknown as a provocative action upon the United States base at Diego Garcia, the hard facts that have caused the disappearance of MH 370 are an unknown variable.

The basis of the concern that MH 370 was used as a provocative action towards the USA is that whom ever was in control of the flight wanted MH 370 to be observed flying south towards Base Diego Garcia by the inhabitants of the Maldive Atolls during daylight hours as reported by witnesses.

In order to achieve this whomever was in control simply had to slow the airspeed of MH 370 down to an average controllable airspeed of 250kn to get to the Maldives to cover the multiple night time zone distance slow enough to pass by the Maldives when the sun was up with ample fuel to back track and make a soft ditch landing at area F as marked on the Flight Signature Data on the Asove website.

The most basic calculations relative to fuel flow rate versus distance flown versus time aloft as taught at any credible flight school easily demonstrate that the Flight Signature Data on the Asove website fits 100% perfectly into the amount of fuel MH 370 had on board with the flight route marked from A to F with ample fuel still being on board when MH 370 was evidently detected by Russian satellite technology as marked at site G on the Asove website.

Any suggestion that MH 370 ever landed at Base Diego Garcia is utterly delusional when considering that the Russians would not have hesitated one second to settle the score from the Cuban missile crisis by showing the world the evidence that would have been generated by the three (3) Russian spy satellites directly over Diego Garcia in geostationary position.

Whom ever planned the disappearence of MH 370 under-calculated the drift / glide / sink ratio from the site of the soft ditch at F because had MH 370 not made it to the 1000 meter depth at site G the Russian satellite technology would have never detected MH 370 at the 3000 meter depth just south of the G site.

Being fully aware of the limitations of international law enforcement, there is also zero doubt in my mind that said unknown person(s) and or the entity of Inmarsat and or any officials aparty to the MH 370 investigation will in any way ever be held accountable for any negligence and or criminal liability for the suppression of the discovery and the recovery of the remaims of MH 370

As such, any further efforts in the matter of MH 370 other then the examination of the precise coordinates of the site in question in the Bay of Bengal are technically redundent.

Thank you kindly,

Andre Milne
May 24/15

Unicorn Aerospace
Military Technology Developer

ASOVE Global Human Rights
Volunteer Investigator

G2 Net Broadcasting Corporation
Non Profit Multi Media Producer


Commander in Chief Obama
Supreme Commander in Chief Putin
FBI Director Comey
TPS Constable Mills
Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
FSB Soviet Union

The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

- et al -

May 25, 2015

Dear Prime Minister Anthony Abbott,

As you are aware the ASOVE Human Rights Investigation Team has been conducting a cursory review of the matter of the disappearance of MH 370

Find attached six (6) references that in sequence with the seven (7) following questions will debunk the April 27 2015 claims by the Government of Australia that MH 370 was the subject of any type of disintegration by an "Impact Theory"

Please note said MH 370 Impact Theory was articulated by ATSB Commissioner Martin Dolan and published on April 27 by various international news reporters with the official statement of ;

" In cases of aircraft (MH 370)

impacting the ocean, there hasn't been much floating wreckage. Air France 447 was a bit of an exception there. The likelihood of there being a lot of floating wreckage isn't high, and some of the possible floating wreckage would have become water logged by now (13 months after impact), and the rest of it is all likely to be mixed up with a whole lot of other stuff in one of those big gyres in the middle of the Indian Ocean "

Notwithstanding the highly bizarre nature of ATSB Commissioner Dolan's statement, the Australian Governments introduction of an MH 370 Impact Theory was the official and public response to the ASOVE Human Rights investigation that a legitimate and very reasonable possibility does in fact exist that MH 370 may be located in The Bay of Bengal.

Please note the attached illustrations also raise serious questions and concerns about the genuine credibility of the claims by Inmarsat that the MH 370 ACAR System and or AES System and or SATCOM broadcast a signal after the MH 370 ACAR System and or AES and or SATCOM was no longer operational.

Please note the 3D illustrations are of the multiple satellite networks with overlapping coverage of the same region Inmarsat used when creating the 7th Arc where the Australian Government now also claims MH 370 disintegrated by a highspeed impact into the South India Ocean.

Please see Fig 1 as online material by Subas Chandran of Malaysian Airlines whom is investigating MH 370 with the Australian Transportation Safety Board and working on the search effort with the Joint Agency Coordination Center.

Figure 1

Subas Chandran claims by a Linkedin profile to be the Development Manager of the Malysian Airlines ACAR Systems of Iridium "and" Inmarsat.

Based on the extensive Fig 2 Iridium Low Earth Orbital satellite network it is of obvious importance to verify what level of usage was operational between MH370 and the Iridium Geo Sat network for the discovery of any corroborative satellite data that would support and or debunk the 7th Arc claim.

Figure 2

Please note that Inmarsat is now knowingly misleading the general public by stating that the only Inmarsat satellite that was able to detect any multiple frequency burst transmissions of BTO and or BFO data information from MH 370 was the Inmarsat geostationary satellite at 64.5 Degrees East.

The material submitted by Inmarsat to the BEA Conference in 2011 verifies to a 100% certainty that the Inmarsat satellite at 178.0 Degrees East has a clear line of sight through the 15.0 Degree to the 0.0 Degree angle of attack directly towards where MH 370 is claimed by Inmarsat to have broadcast transmissions along the 7th Arc. Reference Fig 3

Figure 3

Please note that Inmarsat is quite possibly again misleading the public with theclaim that MH 370 self broadcast a series of transmissions after the documented evidence suggests that the entire broadcast system upon MH 370 was fully disabled and non operational during the times Inmarsat claims MH 370 made a series of BTO and or BFO broadcast transmissions that Inmarsat also claims that only one Inmarsat satellite was able to detect.

As such, the ASOVE Global Human Rights Investigation Team are requesting The Government of Australia to answer the following seven (7) questions;

1) How is it technically possible for an Inmarsat ACARS antenna to broadcast to an Inmarsat satellite when the overall MH 370 on board Inmarsat ACAR System and or AES and or SATCOM system has been operationally disabled?
2) How is it technically possible for

only one of Inmarsat's satellites to receive the responding signal data from a disabled ACAR System and or AES and or SATCOM system and not the balance of the Inmarsat's extensive network of ground stations and satellites within range of the burst transmission as claimed by Inmarsat during the flight of MH 370?
3) How is it technically possible for only one single geostationary Inmarsat satellite located at 64.5 Degrees East to receive the alleged data broadcast from MH 370 when the 29 other geostationary satellites at Figs 4 and Fig 5 with 100% simultaneous overlapping coverage DID NOT detect and or receive any corroborative MH 370 broadcast data as claimed by Inmarsat nor detected and or generated NOT ONE single item of corroborative photographic evidence that supports the Australian Governments MH 370 Impact Theory.?

Figure 4

Figure 5

  1. 45.0 Degrees East
    Intelsat 12 / Europe
  2. 46.0 Degrees East
    Azerspace-1 / Azerbaijan
  3. 46.0 Degrees East
    Africasat / Azerbaijan
  4. 49.0 Degrees East
    Yamal 202 / Russia
  5. 53.0 Degrees East
    Express AM 22 / Russia
  6. 56.0 Degrees East
    Bonum 1 / Russia
  7. 62.6 Degrees East
    Inmarsat-5 F1 / UK
  8. 68.5 Degrees East
    Intelsat 7 / Europe
  9. 68.5 Degrees East
    Intelsat 10 / USA
  10. 74.0 Degrees East
    INSAT-3C / India
  11. 74.0 Degrees East
    KALPANA-1 / India
  12. 74.0 Degrees East
    EDUSAT / India
  13. 74.0 Degrees East
    INSAT-4CR / India
  14. 75.0 Degrees East
    ABS 1 / Lockheed Martin
  15. 79.0 Degrees East
    Esafi 1 / Kingdom of Tonga
  16. 80.0 Degrees East
    Express AM2 / Russia
  17. 90.0 Degrees East
    Yamal 101 / Russia
  18. 90.0 Degrees East
    Yamal 202 / Russia
  19. 91.5 Degrees East
    MEASAT-3 / Malaysia
  20. 91.5 Degrees East
    MEASAT-3a / Malaysia
  21. 96.0 Degrees East
    Express AM33 / Russia
  22. 119.5 Degrees East
    MEASAT-5 / Malaysia
  23. 140.0 Degrees East
    Exprees AM3 / Russia
  24. 146.0 Degrees East
    Agila 2 / Philippines
  25. 148.0 Degrees East
    MEASAT-2 / Malaysia
  26. 152.0 Degrees East
    Optus B3 / Australia
  27. 152.0 Degrees East
    Optus D2 / Australia
  28. 166.0 Degrees East
    Intelsat 8 / USA
  29. 178.0 Degrees East
    Inmarsat / UK

4) How is it technically possible for not one item of any coroborative data that supports the now official Government of Australia Impact Theory that MH 370 smashed into the South Indian Ocean to have never been produced by the orbital satellite networks of ;

United Nations WMO

whom collectively would have generated hundreds of bundles of corroborative intelligence data via remote sensing, thermal signatures, vaporous contrail signatures and partial dual ETL transmissions on the multiple and repetitive orbital flights over the same 7th Arc that MH 370 is claimed to have flown by Inmarsat and the Government of Australia as referenced in Fig 6.?

Figure 6

5) Did MH 370 have any form of ACARS interface and or AES and or SATCOM system with the Iridium ACARS satellite network?
6) Does the Government of Australia

have any intention of invoicing any entity towards recovery of funds and or expences incurred in MH 370 search efforts thus far to be reimbursed by the MH 370 insurance underwriters maximum search budget of 2.5 billion USA dollars.?
7) Did Inmarsat have any operational protocols beyond the eleven (11) second mark of satellite to aircraft disengagement as disclosed to the BEA conference of 2011 for an automated protocol to facilitate repetitive satellite to aircraft initiated communications engagement upon the disengagement of any satellite to aircraft connection to any ACAR System and or AES and or SATCOM system as is claimed to have occured upon MH 370.?

For the Australian Governments Impact Theory to exist in measurable reality the aforementioned satellite networks would have at the very least generated hundreds of corroborative high definition images of the impact flotsam wreckage of MH 370

Based on the mathematical principles of Probability Density Function, there is zero merit and or zero credibility to any "MH 370 Impact Theory" as claimed by the Australian Government.

Please finally confirm the clock at is now counting time from when the Australian Government formalized what is now documented on public record as an orchestrated effort of manipulation and deception upon the global community in response to the ASOVE Team's quest to find the truth behind the disappearance of MH 370's passengers and crew.

The ASOVE Team
Queen Victoria Day
Year 2015

Canada USA UK
Germany Russia
Malaysia China
Australia France
Mexico Brazil





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